MicroDice session at AGU 2015 14th to 18th of December. San Francisco.

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Session ID#: 8165

Session Description:
Microscopic features such as grain (and subgrain) boundaries, impurities, and defect concentration and mobility influence macroscopic behavior of ice, including its rheology and transport properties. Improved analysis, modeling, and interpretation of ice microstructures are therefore imperative for a better understanding of the deformation mechanisms. In addition, linking microstructures to geophysical signals such as radar imaging and seismic profiling will enable mapping of microstructures in 3 and 4 dimensions.We encourage contributions from glaciology, planetary science, materials science, structural geology, rock mechanics, and mineral physics. We welcome contributions dealing with all aspects of microstructures and micro-deformation, from brittle to ductile behavior, including the influence of porosity, fluids, impurities, second phases, texture development, and recrystallization. The session should be of interest to all those seeking a better understanding of deformation and evolution of snow and ice, from polar ice caps, mountain glaciers, and sea ice to the crusts of icy satellites.
Primary Convener:  Christine McCarthy, Columbia University – LDEO, Palisades, NY, United States
Conveners:  Peter R Sammonds, University College London, London, United Kingdom, Stephen H Kirby, U. S. Gelogical Survey, Menlo Park, CA, United States and Lucas Zoet, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Geoscience, Madison, WI, United States