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experimentUnderstanding the dynamic behaviour of ice in glaciers, polar ice caps and sea ice is a major challenge, especially in a time of changing climate. The grain and sub-grain scale microstructure are crucial state variables that link atomic-scale processes to the macroscopic behaviour of ice, including its rheology and transport properties.
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Improved analysis, modelling and interpretation of ice microstructures are therefore imperative for a better understanding of the flow and evolution of large ice bodies, from polar ice caps, mountain glaciers, sea ice to planetary ice. In addition, linking microstructures to geophysical signals such as radar imaging and seismic profiling will enable mapping of microstructures in 3 and 4 dimensions.

This interdisciplinary Research Network will bring together the main European researchers in the field, as well as those in related fields, such as metallurgy and geology. A series of networking activities is planned with the aim of integrating the research efforts of individual groups within Europe and improving the exchange of new ideas and methods.

Theme issue “Microdynamics of ice” compiled and edited by Peter Sammonds, Maurine Montagnat and Martin Schneebeli [link]

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